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Welcome to The Herbal Shop and Clinic.  Our doors are open again which is awesome. We can provide our clients with much needed immune support and treatment for winter ailments.  We are taking  all the appropriate precautions to safeguard our clients and ourselves from COVID-19. If you are unwell, please phone us for a free 10 minute consultation, so we can make you up a treatment plan specific for your individual needs and symptoms then send someone else in to collect your herbal medicine for you. We can also courier it (anywhere in New Zealand). Otherwise, our qualified medical herbalists will be able to do free 10 minute over-the-counter consultations in person. Also, we are now able to provide full consultations again for those with long term, severe or complex issues. Just contact us for a time for an appointment.  Hairtesting is available as well for those with skin, digestive, fatigue and malabsorption (eg continual low iron or Vitamin B12) issues..  You don't need an appointment for a hairtest, just pop in and we will take a hair sample. 

We have been prescribing effective herbal medicine and nutritional treatment  to our ever-increasing clientele for over 20 years, so we know how well it works.  Just like the old saying goes "Prevention is better than the cure".  Don't delay - contact us for practitioner-only top quality herbal medicine for winter wellness.

  • Dandelion and Burdock is a traditional combination in Britain. Here small pieces of root are lightly roasted to caramelize their sap. Naturally caffeine-free, they make a refreshing drink with a disti...
    NZ$ 24.30 EA
  • Dandelion and Burdock is a traditional combination in Britain. Naturally caffeine-free, they make a refreshing drink with a distinctive burdock flavour.
    NZ$ 16.20 EA
  • Granules are small pieces of dandelion root, lightly roasted to caramelize their sap. Naturally caffeine free, they make a rich, full-bodied drink, refreshing and tonifying for the whole system.
    NZ$ 27.50 EA
  • Golden Field's Roasted Dandelion sachets contain lightly roasted dandelion root and a small amount of roasted barley, all finely ground. Naturally caffeine-free they make a rich, full-bodied drink, re...
    NZ$ 16.80 EA
  • A rich strawberry and rasberry flavoured tisane. Berrylicious is an incredibly pleasing and well balanced infusion that takes sweetener well and is fantastic iced.
    NZ$ 13.20 100g
  • Native New Zealand kawakawa is blended with warming lemongrass and ginger. A flavoursome and healthy brew.
    NZ$ 13.20 50g
    Out Of Stock
  • Natural New Zealand manuka blends perfectly with strong Assam tea to make a special blend ideal for the morning and late afternoon. Milk and sugar can be added to enhance rich malt and slightly pine f...
    NZ$ 11.30 100g
  • Loose leaf
    NZ$ 14.00 100g

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All payments are to be processed by us directly at The Herbal Shop, please contact us to arrange a suitable payment option for you. We accept credit card payments, cheques or direct deposits.

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