Intolerance Hair Test Service

Welcome to The Herbal Shop and Clinic.  Our doors are open again which is awesome. We can provide our clients with much needed immune support and treatment for winter ailments.  We are taking  all the appropriate precautions to safeguard our clients and ourselves from COVID-19. If you are unwell, please phone us for a free 10 minute consultation, so we can make you up a treatment plan specific for your individual needs and symptoms then send someone else in to collect your herbal medicine for you. We can also courier it (anywhere in New Zealand). Otherwise, our qualified medical herbalists will be able to do free 10 minute over-the-counter consultations in person. Also, we are now able to provide full consultations again for those with long term, severe or complex issues. Just contact us for a time for an appointment.  Hairtesting is available as well for those with skin, digestive, fatigue and malabsorption (eg continual low iron or Vitamin B12) issues..  You don't need an appointment for a hairtest, just pop in and we will take a hair sample. 

We have been prescribing effective herbal medicine and nutritional treatment  to our ever-increasing clientele for over 20 years, so we know how well it works.  Just like the old saying goes "Prevention is better than the cure".  Don't delay - contact us for practitioner-only top quality herbal medicine for winter wellness.

Do you have bloating, wind, fatigue, or headaches...? Or do you suffer from skin problems, asthma, or hayfever ...? These symptoms could be caused by a food intolerance. If you want to get it checked out, we recommend you have our hair test done. Just pop in to our shop and fill in this form (Click here to dowload). We will take a small amount of your hair as the sample and send it away to be tested. Results take approximately four weeks to arrive. Once the results are in, we will email it to you or give you a phone call and post it to you.

The hair test costs $125.00. Additional samples supplied by you (for products that are not on our lists), can be sent for testing for an extra $1.50 per/sample.

How is testing done?

The testing is carried out using an EAV (electroacupuncture according to Voll) machine. The EAV machine measures the electromagnetic energy when the hair is exposed to various test samples. A German physician named Reinhold Voll first developed EAV technology in Europe in the late 1950's.

What is the difference between the hair test and other tests like prick tests?

Each type of testing has its merits. Skin prick tests measure the skin's reaction by exposing the skin to different irritants. Blood tests measure the antibody levels to a certain substance. These tests are usually carried out to measure allergies. With hair testing, minor intolerances can be detected wihich may be difficult to measure using other allergy tests. Intolerances can take serveral days to have an effect on the body after ingestion, which is why they can be difficult to identify. 

The strengths of hair testing

  • The test is non-invasive, being there are no needles used.
  • A wide variety of irritants can be tested ranging from foods, preservatives to environmental chemicals.
  • Electromagnetic testing can detect food intolerances that are difficult to determine, as the reaction may not be apparent for a few days after ingestion of the substance.
  • Any substance can be tested. A provided sample can be tested along with the hair.
  • Can be performed on clients of any age.

The limitations of hair testing

Hair testing measures the changes in electromagnetic resonance. If a food item has not been consumed for 6 months or more, then a reaction will be highly unlikely. This is because the vibration of this particular food is no longer present in the electromagnetic field of the client.

Coloured or permed hair doesn't matter

Hair treatments such as perms or colours do not affect the results of the test unless there is a reaction to the chemicals used during the hair treatment process. 

Babies can be tested

Babies can be tested. If the hair is very short, we recommend that the parents shave the hair and place the hair in a bag. If babies are breast fed, then we recommend that the mothers adjust their diet with the help of their herbalist.

Amount of hair needed

The amount of hair required is approximately 4cm long and 0.5-1cm wide (about the size of two match sticks). The hair is usually taken from the nape of the neck. If the hair is short, then a selection of smaller cuts can be taken. If the person has no hair on their head, then a sample of clean arm, underarm, chest or pubic hair can be provided for testing.

Follow up consultation is recommended

The first step in recovery is to identify what the underlying causes are to the symptoms. Once this has been established, our aim is to help the healing process of the affected areas. The hair test is not a single treatment; this is part of our protocol in identifying the inflammatory contributors. Once established, we do a follow-up consult where we look at all the factors of the situation, recommend nutritional advice, and provide a herbal formula and/or supplements. This is an additional cost to the consult and hair test price. 

Hair test follow-up consults are conducted on Mondays,Tuesdays,Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The cost is as follows: $100.00 for adults, youth 11 to 17 years of age $75, for children 10 years of age and under $45.   Please phone to make a booking for an appointment.